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Welcome to Prairie Echoes!

This site offers friendly opportunity for exposure of the true talent that lies within the Prairies, as well as an easily accessible hub for local social buzz and events.

With easy access to show booking, fun opportunities to win cool stuff, social events, music grown locally, promoter access, venue suggestions and so much more!

Site Guide

Homegrown Metal- Prairie Metal bands. Contact info, sample track and description included.

Local Forecast- Upcoming shows and site additions.

Promotion and Gig Assistance- For any help with promoting your band. Also get some help finding venues, promoters and producers to go to if you're unfamiliar with the options.

Local Media and Merchandise- Interviews, live performances, current contests and prizes.

What's New?

-"What is Prairie metal?"  Send us your opinion on what the Prairie metal scene means to you! Take a look at the tab to help understand why this website can benefit you as a musician, fan, or promoter.

-Like our new Facebook page!

-Local gig schedule can be found in "Local Forecast"

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Who runs this machine?

Bree Kröner: Site founder and owner, creator of page and Metalheads of Saskatchewan, Canada Facebook group.


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For any questions, concerns, site donations or comments email! is a non-profit promotional company, therefore we are always accepting cash donations in order to pay for business expenses.

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