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     Agony Spawn is an old-school melodic death/groove metal band. While remaining highly   original and innovative, Agony Spawn is influenced by a number of groups, including Death, Carcass, and Lamb of God. Front man Bart Caldwell presides over the unholy band, his brutal vocals combined with the punishing guitars to form a toxic and heady brew.

Metal Vitality.mp3

     The music of Autaric has been described as blistering, raw, uncompromising, smashing your face with a sledgehammer of brutality, compared to the likes of Zyklon, Absu, Panzerchrist and Entombed. Relentless Blackened Death Metal unique to the prairie scene.

07 Scourge of the Death King.mp3

Begrime Exemious

     Begrime Exemious are a black/death metal band hailing from Edmonton. Their music is influenced by a wide variety of genres, combining influences from extreme metal and punk to create a sound that is unique to the band. Critics have correctly pointed to bands such as Autopsy, Darkthrone, Mayhem, and Order From Chaos for the band's immediate influences. With a continuous stream of releases (mostly through the American label Dark Descent Records), Begrime continues to spread their filthy brand of death metal worldwide, and backs it up with their high-energy live performances.

Begrime Exemious - Visions of the Scourge - 07 Vengeance Bestowed.mp3

     Celestial Machine - the very name evokes contrasting images. Formed in 2009 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, the original line-up of Celestial Machine had a fairly clear vision: to move away from their death metal routes and establish a more melodic, but equally heavy sound. This original line-up recorded and released the band's first album, 'Stagmata' in 2011, showcasing a sludgy, guitar driven sound.

For news and previews, visit , and in the meantime, any and all are encouraged to download Stagmata and Desolation for free in their entirety at

Celestial Machine - Desolation - 01 Nipiwin.mp3

05 Babyslitter.mp3

     Taking inspiration from an eclectic cross-section of genres, Desecrate Scripture showcases a raw, but doom inspired form of black metal. Taking influence from bands such as Emperor, Immortal, Woods of Ypres, and Carpathian Forest, Desecrate Scripture offers a vast array of elements to their personalized form of blackened doom.

1. The Emperor of this Sorrowful Realm.mp3

     Destrier is a five-piece Saskatoon metal band containing all original members that hails Lamb of God and Mastodon as major influences. The current catalog is a combination of straight-forward hard hitting tracks meant to pack a quick and linear punch to the throat and leave you feeling rotten alongside songs that contain more melodic and progressive elements in the vein of taking a journey of self discovery.

Mix 4-Destrier.mp3


Jordan Dorge - vocals
Mike Menza - guitar
Alex Menza – Drums

Bio and sample track coming soon, until them check them out on Youtube!


     Loud, Crusty D-Beat from the barren prairies. Satanic, Aggressive and Politcal themed punk rock with just the right amount of black metal and thrash influence.

03 Blame The Government MP3.mp3

     Eyam is known for its high energy and crushing brutality. With influences ranging from Dimmu borgir to Opeth and Behemoth, Eyam dedicates itself to bringing you the most tasteful yet brutal death metal possible.

05 The Great Disease.mp3


     Filthy Senoritas are a punk band made up of five Saskatoon low lives that like to play fast heavy music. We'll play your parents basement and raid the liquor cabinet with your sister. After an awesome year last year we have splits with Weak Ends, Grimace and Mondo Trasho planned for 2013. Also in the plans is loading up the blood red van for another tour and a bunch of killer local shows. Beers, bong rips and adventures for 2013.

Sunshine and Rainbows.mp3

     Hailing from Saskatoon SK, 5 piece metal act, Harmful Effects, bring something old and something new to the table, with a sound that appeals to fans of all styles of the genre. Diversity in each song with heavy metal growls, clean vocals and melodies, lyrics, riffs, drum fills all deeply infused with the passion that each band member has for music to make this band stand out amongst their peers.


01 Into Eternity - Fukushima.mp3


     Laika is a six piece melodic death metal band. Combining the modern metal feeling and progressive tone of new wave North American metal with European influences from hard hitters Dark Tranquility, Amon Amarth and Insomnium. With inspirations originating in both classical music and folk metal; Laika delivers a truly surreal sound experience.

Jordan Dorge - Vocals
Steven Tedham - Keys
Mike Mason - Bass
Ronnie Ladobruk - Guitar
Ian Garraway - Guitar
Blair Garraway - Drums

02 Somnia-Laika.mp3

     Lavagoat are a heavy metal band from Saskatoon, Saskathchewan. The 4 piece hammer elements of doom, death, NWOBHM, 70's rock and thrash together with themes of sword & sorcery, horror, and sci-fi to forge a psychedelic onslaught of skull-crushing force!

Lavagoat - The Witch.mp3


      From the darkest corners of the othersice, Nachtterror bring their own brand of Black Metal to usher in a new horror to the world of Heavy Metal. Led by our Lord Vatiel, Nachtterror will usher in a new era of Black Metal in Regina and beyond... God is reborn, Judgement has come.

06 - Belial.mp3

      The New Jacobin Club is Western Canada’s notorious and enduring shock rock ensemble - a colorful cast of musicians frequently accompanied live by up to four performance artists (The Angry Teeth) who bring to the show an eye-popping array of disturbing visuals including stunts with machetes, swords, torches, and the ever-popular flaming hula hoop. With 4 full length albums, a fistful of ep’s and a history that stretches back into the 1990’s, the NJC’s evolution of concept and sound that has seen the group swing effortlessly from punk to goth to industrial metal and back again.

New Jacobin Club - Wicked City - 01 House of Craven.mp3

       Noir is a progressive black metal band for fans of “Dissection, Opeth, Emperor and Enslaved”. They are mid tempo and the music is very dark and dynamic with heavy use of melody, harmony. Both guitars work together in tandem complimenting each other which creates a very rich sounding, musical texture. The bass connects the main melody to the drums, while keeping its identity, which are committed to the natural rhythms laid out by the guitars. The vocals are clear and audible but still gritty enough to deliver the lightless subject matter. 
Overall Noir believes in musical unity.
There are moments of beauty, sorrow, somberness and brutality which allows the audience to truly make a connection with the band.

Noir - Where Death Keeps.mp3

      People ask what NSST sounds like and that's a hard one for them to answer because they are not really sure what we sound like, a lot of people say experimental hip hop or industrial hip hop which is seems to fit! They don't feel like they fit in with the hip hop crowd but have been embraced by the metal crowd so hopefully they will keep listening to them!


     Oblivion's Eye was originally formed in British Columbia as a two-piece in 2010. Influenced by the likes of Devin Townsend, Cloudkicker, Gojira, and Tool; Oblivion's Eye can be described as technical, melodic metal. Elements of classical music and alternative rock can also be heard in the mix. 

The band is now based out of Regina, Saskatchewan.

03 Nightmare.mp3


     With a keen interest in electronics and harsh industrial music, n8 began toying around with the idea of an industrial metal project. Psyborum was conceived in the late fall of 2008 and thus the construction and the deconstruction of both industrial and metal influences began. Unconventional sound effects and surgically dissected Guitars combined together with shrieking vocals and robotic pulses that drive the layers upon layers of samples, synthesizers and sin delivering you into the cold, grim, and mechanical world of n8’s Psyborum.

08 Suffer Sequence 1.mp3

      Psychotic Gardening is a genre defying metal band out of the Canadian prairies, taking elements of doom, death and black metal. Distinct and morose, beautifully calamitous, Psychotic Gardening is masterful in its attention to dynamic detail with a personality all its own.

In an age where extreme bands attempt to fit into specific classifications, Psychotic Gardening breaks the mold, uncompromising, and unafraid to explore, while maintaining a sense of what has always made metal such a musical force.

09 Trifecta.mp3

      Five jaded hardcore kids with no hope and no future come frantically screaming out of Saskatoon, SK with their latest effort called Code Black. With a myriad of experience in the Saskatoon underground music scene under their belts (ex-DFA, ex-The Decline, ex-Strike Force, ex-Cashed, ex-Poser Disposer), Rehashed combines elements of crossover, thrash, crust, and hardcore, culminating in a no-nonsense approach to the execution of tight, fast, and extremely aggressive music.

07 - Neither Seen Nor Heard (2).mp3

Energetic, lovely and joyful Celtic music from the Prairies. 

     Long ago a blight infected the potatoes of Ireland. Dependent upon the crop for survival, Ireland was paralyzed. Starvation stalked the land. Four million souls died. Four million more fled, looking for food and work. Some landed in North America, forging a new life in a strange new world. Then some other stuff happened and now, hey! There's this Celtic band called the Residuals!

03 Follow me up to Carlow.mp3

     Seventh Sin are a six-piece heavy metal band hailing from the icy plains of Manitoba. The SIN boys are set on world domination and won't settle for anything less. They have been described as a New Wave of Canadian Heavy Metal. Their roots come from bands that have carried the heavy metal torch for decades such as Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest but they also have been compared to bands like Savatage and Pretty Maids. Crank it up loud and party!

They Kill Animals.mp3

Shooting Guns 

     Recently recognized on the Polaris Music Prize Long List, Shooting Guns are hard at work fortifying the heavy end of the psychedelic spectrum. Hailing from Saskatoon, SK, they haunt the foggy moor between Sabbath-styled doom riffery and heavy pulse-riding kraut-rock.  Centered around elephantine riffs, these delay-soaked songs rumble and hiss with analog synth-conjured monstrosities which surge to devour frequency ranges beyond the upper and lower ranges available to even the heaviest doom outfits.  Their spectacle is rapidly attracting a gender balanced cult of barbarian metal-heads, indie hipsters, Neanderthals, nerds, and the well-dressed ladies who scare them.


     Singularity, the brainchild of Jared McRorie, is a Melodic Death Metal band from Saskatoon, SK.  The band primarily draws influences from European bands such as Iron Maiden, Wintersun, Ensiferum, Kalmah, In Flames, and Amon Amarth, among others.  The band focuses on complex leads, sweeps and harmonies, vocals reminiscent of bands like Skeletonwitch, and unorthodox drum patterns.

     Sparky hails from Saskatoon, SK, and since 2001, has consistently evolved and developed its own brand of metal infused with humor and fuckery. Sparky's third full length album will be available late 2013.

LOCKJAW - Sparky - 4PrarieEchoes.mp3

      From the start we wanted Thrakken to stand out from what’s in the scene right now. With all of us loving old thrash such as Megadeth, Slayer or early Metallica, and also loving the death metal of more recent years. We only found it suiting to combine the two and make a Thrash-Death style sound.  Influenced by Skeletonwitch, 3 Inches of Blood, Amon Amarth, Along with various other Thrash, or Death metal bands. We all have our particular styles we have passion for and we all bring these elements to the table and what comes out is what you know as Thrakken.

Thrakken-Some Kind Of Underwater Attack.mp3


     TOV is a heavy hitting Rock n Roll band that will bring you that classic Metal feel of dueling guitar harmonies and wide range vocal melodies mixed with a modern groove and heavy attitude that's sure to get you head bangin'!!
Or contact Trevor at - 403-629-8331

Flesh Engine.mp3

      Tyrants Demise is a 5 piece metal act from the frozen prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with inspiration from The Black Dahlia Murder, Through The Eyes of the Dead, Iron Maiden, Job For a Cowboy, All Shall Perish, Gojira.

Thrash/Death Metal Band from Saskatoon, Canada

02 Hunting Evil.mp3



     Vathek is a five piece blackened death-thrash band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Drawing influence from bands such as Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse, Vathek combines old school death metal with modern day blackened thrash.

Exsanguination Asphyxiation.mp3

     Wilt was unearthed in the winters of 2010. Founded by Jordan Dorge, later recruited Brett goodchild to capture Jordan's 
vision. Experience Wilt, dark deprived black metal in its truest form hailing from the frozen prairies of Central Canada, Wilt intends to take you on a journey into the depths of your soul and every crevice of the earth

Jordan Dorge - Vocals
Brett Goodchild - guitar
Jay Edwards - guitar
Charley - Bass
Blair Garraway – Drums

Wilt - Wilt - 01 Autumn Veil.mp3