Prairie Echoes

Looking to book a show, but you don't know who to go through or where to play?

...Here, let me help!

Below you will find venue options with a short description and contact info to help you on your way through town!

The FEZ offers a wide variety of musical genres.

Metal, Rock, Rockabilly, Alternative, Ambient, Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic,Classical, Comedy, Electronic, Experimental, Folk, HipHop, House, Indie, Jazz, Punk, Ska, Spiritual, Spoken Word and more!

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 Amigo's Cantina

   A groovy restaurant and night club located in the heart of Saskatoon's Broadway district, Amigos has received many awards for its food and staff as well as national recognition as one of Canada's premier live music venues.

For booking information and questions, go to:


   The Cultural Exchange (in Regina) delivers art programs in collaboration with community throughout Saskatchewan. The Cultural Exchange focuses on emerging artists and art practices, and developing audiences and clients.

For booking information and question, go to:


Below you will find local promoters, record labels and producers available


Desecrate Promotions was created in January of 2011 by Erik Labossiere.

The whole concept driving Desecrate Promotions was that Central Canada has so much to offer the world of music with such great bands and a great community/scene, but it's relatively unknown to the rest of the world.
We plan to change that.

Organizing/Promoting Metal Shows/Metal Events/Metal Bands

Hypnotic Dirge Records invokes Pensive Melancholy, Solitary Reflection, and Enlightenment through music while without Religion and Politics. 

HDR allows for free expression using the consciousness within ourselves. 

Order any 5 CD's for $48
Order any 10 CD's for $90
Order any 20 CD's for $175
all orders of 20 CD's also get a free shirt of their choice and lots of free posters and cards, sometimes bonus CD's.


For any Saskatoon metal show booking information, contact Fishbowl Productions via Facebook. Especially caters to the Punk bands.

 It is our mission to ensure that the central Alberta music scene continues to grow and thrive, and to give talented musicians an opportunity to build a larger fan base and have their art appreciated.


Contact us directly of FB via PM for booking opportunities in Red Deer. Alternatively, please feel free to contact Deren Nickerson, Duncan Hickerty, or Lars Alan Kay for information.


     Metalheads of Saskatchewan is owned by Bree Kroner and was created January of 2009.

The main goal of this group is to unite Metalheads from all over Saskatchewan with a common theme... Saskatchewan metal!

This group offers an opportunity to get your band out there, post local show info, chat with fellow local metal fans and anything else concerning our close-knit community.

     Your online access to local talent world wide. Metal Wizard caters to focusing a spot light on local bands all over the world with intereviews, reviews, pictures, live videos, music and more!

Zandra Productions - concert promoter who books local and touring artists for performance in Regina and surrounding area in Saskatchewan.