Prairie Echoes

Understanding this wonderful enigma we call Prairie metal.

Why is it so important for the public to know and understand? Is it really that large?
Find out for yourself what it means to us, and what it should mean to you.
Many people are unsure as to why the metal scene of the Prairies is so important, or it's relevance to Canadian culture.
Little do these people know, the Prairie metal scene contributes to a large populous of Canadian metal bands, performers, record labels, venues, and even culture relating to the arts.

To fully appreciate the message is trying to relay to the public, we feel it is important to hear directly from those involved to gain better understanding. Below you will find pieces of writing and input from those not only directly involved in creating this wonderful scene, but those outside of it who feel it is important to make mention of the astounding unity, talent, and success that derives from prairie metal and the things they cherish most.

Because here we are all...

Bryn Levy, journalist in Saskatoon:

"As I've come to discover, 'Metal' is a broad genre.  The bands that make up the Prairie Metal scene all bring a different take on the heavy to the table.

If there's one thing they all have in common, it's that they aren't doing it for money, or for the fame. In a region with around 5-and-a-half million people spread over about 2 million square kilometers, there isn't much of either to be had.

They're doing it because they have no choice in the matter.

My theory on why these nutcases will risk life and limb on icy highways to have their eardrums smashed?  It's because this music captures the place it comes from. "

Anonymous "bystander" :

"My favorite part is that it all seems collaborative.

The bands care about the metal community in their own special ways. The thing that makes it unique is of course the simplicity behind the message. "

John of Destrier:

"I find there is a unity here in that people are always willing to help. When an amp goes awry or a snare gets punctured etc, there's no hesitation from another band to lend a hand."

Anonymous metal fan from Saskatoon:

"The metal scene of the prairies, especially in Saskatchewan, is one of great unity, variety, closeness, talent, and importance.

It is hard not to be aware of the thriving metal scene the prairies cater to. Many find the music style a great method of expression and a means to bring together community. This is something Saskatchewan, and even the prairies, value greatly in the arts. "

Justin Ehman of Desecrate Scripture:

"My favorite part of the scene is just getting to know more and more people and expanding my knowledge of the local talent. Once I started to see what kind of raw brutally skilled musicians thrived right next door it felt like the bar was raised and I couldn't just listen to the bland repetitive metal that puts nothing but the same stuff out. The unique part about us is we are such a small scene that all forms of metalheads come together for the shows and it creates some really different bands/shows that makes it epic in so many ways. "